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SmokeLadder uses AI to provide instant insights for any B2B website so you can create positioning that customers remember and messaging that drives them to buy.

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  1. Get a high level view of any page’s value and differentiation with our Total Positioning Score
  2. Automatic scoring for a website’s messaging across 24 individual points of value
  3. Preview samples of the messaging that was pulled in and analyzed
Messaging scoring and analysis

Differentiate in the exact right places

  1. Find areas to improve or double down on by seeing where you stand out in relation to the competition
  2. Point by point comparisons with specific details on what works and what may be missing
  3. Compare and contrast your messaging value against category averages calculated across our entire database of websites
Differentiation features and comparisons

Get inside the head of your customers

  1. Generative buyer analysis from the perspective of key members of the C-Suite
  2. Evaluate the page’s value proposition and find opportunities to improve it
  3. SWOT Messaging concepts to spot gaps in your copy and spark new ideas
Generative insights

Access valuable data and inspiration

  1. Search for competitors by industry, name, or value points
  2. Explore each site’s analysis and see what makes their positioning and messaging tick
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SmokeLadder saves you time and money on internal reviews, research, and competitive analysis

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