Jasper.AI vs Scalenut - AI Copilot platforms

Positioning analysis of Jasper.AI vs Scalenut using SmokeLadder

There are 4 key factors that might drive you to shift your positioning:

  1. You learned something new about your customer’s needs (aka. Jobs to Be Done)
  2. Your products or services have changed (new features, new offering, etc.)
  3. The competitive landscape has shifted or evolved.
  4. Market conditions have shifted or evolved.

A prime example of (4) is Google’s latest update to penalize sites that abuse AI generated content.

And for all the generative content products out there that have been leaning hard into a value prop around:

Automatically publish mass content in minutes!

…this needs real attention.

Some brands in the space like Jasper had already been building a position that focuses on AI as a tool to elevate work rather than automate it away.

Their message of “better outcomes, not just faster outputs” strikes a great balance.

But other players in the “one click to create thousands of articles in seconds” boat will need a hard pivot asap.

Again, it’s not that AI assisted content is going away it’s that it requires a shift in how some of these products position their tools and teach customers the right way to use them.

In my latest episode of From 10 to Win, I look at how the SEO-focused AI copilot product Scalenut could adjust part of their positioning around this point.

Specifically I dig into an important point of value that applies to this market shift:

Reduce Risk

Video Transcript:

In this episode we’re looking at AI Copilot platforms to see how these two brands, Jasper.AI and Scalenut are each positioning themselves in the face of the shifting landscape of generative AI content.


Website messaging and positioning reviews of Jasper.AI and Scalenut

We can start off by looking at Jasper’s homepage here. They’ve got their big headline marketing revolutionized by AI.

Jasper.AI homepage headline

It’s a little broad for my taste. I would rather it have something a bit more specific about how they do that. But I do like their sub headline here where they talk about the tool being for enterprise marketing teams who want better outcomes, not just faster outputs, This is an idea that they’ve been leaning into for a while. And I think at this moment in time, it’s particularly important with some of the the shifts around Google and their algorithm, which we’ll talk about more in a few minutes.

Let’s jump over to Scalenut’s homepage.

Scalenut's homepage headline

We can see their rotating headline here, scale traffic, scale conversions, scale demand from search, Scalenut’s value prop really centers around being an SEO tool. You can see their sub headline AI co pilot that powers the entire SEO content life cycle.


Jasper.AI vs Scalenut – SmokeLadder Positioning analysis

Let’s compare and contrast Scalenut with Jasper.ai.

Jasper.AI vs Scalenut positioning analysis

And this chart is showing us the the fingerprint of each of these sites, their fingerprint of value, If we move left to right, we can see some points where in orange, scale nut is a little higher, generate revenue, inform, marketability, And then the blue, we can see some points where Jasper scored higher, integrate, come over here, reduce effort, reduce risk, to point, I wanna come back to you in a minute. If we scroll down, we can see all the descriptions for both sites, why they got their individual scores.

And then down here are the highlight points.

So on the left, we’ve got the the points where Scalenut had the best best separation from Jasper dot ai. Which are their strengths. And then in the red, the weaknesses are essentially where Jasper scored higher or had more separation from ScaleNut.

So Jasper or sorry, Scalenut strengths reach marketability, scalability, generate revenue, These all align with their value prop around SEO organic content, organic reach, And then Jasper has some strengths around integrate and reduce risk. So this was a point that I really wanted to call out because At a time, like we’re saying, where Google is really shifting how they treat AI generated content, they just recently re released a big update around this. And specifically, they are going to be punishing in a sense, sites that lean too heavily or abuse AI generated content.


Where Scalenut has opportunities to improve and win

And I think this is something that these brands, both Jasper and Scalenut and a bunch of other companies really need to take note of and think about how they talk about this point.

A lot of times we think about reduced risk being a little more focused around things like security. But in this case, reducing risk might mean how does the the company help protect brands from abusing certain types of content that might get them in trouble with with Google or other search platforms.

Let’s jump back over to Jasper site for a second because I wanna just take a quick look at one of the ways that they address this If we come down here, we can see they put this really nice emphasis around how they integrate your brand’s positioning, your company’s strategy, voice and style guide, all things to help create content that’s very specific to your brand and not just generating, generic stuff that you would put out, that you would essentially just automate and publish and potentially then get in trouble for.

I wanna come over now to ScaleNut site.

Again, their their whole focus here is around scale and reach and we can come down here. They’ve got some impressive stats, five million SEO blogs created. That’s a lot.

And then walking through some of their features around the SEO platform, how they help you create SEO content that ranks, auditing, analysis, But this is the piece I really wanted to focus in.

Write SEO friendly blogs in less than five minutes.

This is the type of message that I would be concerned about, and this is where I think that reduced risk message or point of value really comes into play where a brand or product like ScaleNet needs to be thinking about how their customers might inadvertently or intentionally abuse some of these tools and end up hurting them, you know, in SEO and organic reach, the exact thing that they’re trying to provide value around, they might end up giving them tools and actually hurt them in the long run.

So I think a brand like scale that really needs to think about their positioning in this case, and take some notes from a brand like Jasper and see how they’re talking about these things in a maybe a slightly more safe or responsible way, and just help guide your users, help guide them to understand that These tools can all be extremely powerful, but let’s think about how they can elevate the work and not just automate the work. So that’s that’s kind of like the big takeaway here is I think they they could focus a little more on this reduced risk value point to to really help improve their positioning at this exact moment in time. Where the market is shifting and the rules are shifting and how Google and search handles AI content is shifting.

These are just some initial thoughts.

Take a look on on our site and analyze your own site, analyze some competitor site, see if you can uncover some some places in your own positioning to help you better take on a market leader.

Go analyze a website!
Your positioning will thank you.